Sunday, September 20, 2009

Football tags

My life has been over ran by football season. I had snack duty for this weeks game. I started on the tags a couple of weeks ago because I was making 34 of them. I'm such a procrastinator that I knew if I didn't start early I would be pulling my hair out trying to finish them. lol
So sure enough I finished stuffin and tying all the bags on Friday evening for Saturday's game.
I cut the tags at 4" with tags,bags and more cart.Used the shadow feature for the green. The text on the tags were computer generated with green font and printed on white card stock and cut with tag feature at 4". I cut the Football helmet and the flag with sports mania cart, I believe at 2 1/2". The P was cut with base camp at 1".

All 34 finished treat bags! Phew!

Close up of finished bags

I filled the bags with rice crispy treats, m&m's, and an apple and added a hand full of shredded scrap paper for a filler. I'm glad I did these special little tags my son's team had there first lose at yesterdays game against the Cowboys 12-0. So these treats gave them something to smile about after there hard played game.

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  1. Fantastic,don't they look fab all together!!! Great work!!


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