Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eagle v's Dragons

Good game yesterday between Tiny Mites Eagles v's Southwest Dragons. Game tied

Quote from Tiny Mites head coach
Mike Finkel commented on the Pleasanton Jr. Eagles’ profile:

“Saturday 9/12/09: Rain at the Eagles' Nest for most of the games against the Dragons (and Vikings PW). The Tiny Mites and PeeWees won by default, even though the scores were tied. The Jr.PW's came up a little short. Mitey Mites got their first win!”

Tiny Mites won by default because the tiny mite Dragon team did not have enough players too play but we like a good game so the Dragon's took some of thier older players from their Pee Wee's and the game was on. I think our little mites did a great job considering half their team were older players!

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