Thursday, December 17, 2009

School Christmas Tree project

My son's class had a Christmas Tree Parade. The rules for this project were as followed:
Do not buy a real tree
The tree must stand up
The tree must be made at home
It can be made of anything
The whole family can help
Be creative
It must be small enough for the student to carry it.

Here's our tree!
It started with a styrofoam 5 5/8 x 23 7/8 cone, (Not sure what I was thinking when I bought such a big cone, just knew my son's a big kid he can handle that, nevermind we still had to decorate it! wooh!) We wrapped the cone with green paper so it would make it easier to adhere all the holly leaves that are from winter woodland cart cut at 2 1/2". I used 4 sheets of medium green cardstock paper, 2 bright sheets of green cardstock and 2 dark green sheets of cardstock. Embossed all three of the colored leaves with three different cuttelbug folders, swiss dots on the dark green paper, D'vine swirls on the med green, and birds and swirls on the bright green and inked all with SU chocolate ink pad.

The star was cut twice with Plantin Schoolbook at 5" on silver metallic paper. I used a popsicle stick to adhere the two stars front and back and used silver stickles around the edges. The cardinal is from winter woodland was cut at 3" in red and shadowed in black, added a clear rhinstone for the eye and red stickles to his tail and head, and gold stickles for his legs. I made about three cardinals to circle the tree.I used blue, red and yellow rhinestone buttons to adorn the tree! Gotta love the image of Santa and his sleigh on the Christmas Noel cart.
You can't tell in this picture, but I added a little magical sparkle with some stickles. And oh how I love that little bear from the Christmas Noel cart so I added him of course at 3" surrounded by some christmas morning presents.
Like our real tree at home my son has to have a train around the X-mas tree!
The bottom has a chipboard circle bottom cut with plantin schoolbook I believe at 10" or maybe it was 12" lined with red printed christmas cardstock and used some left over holly leaves to finish it off like a tree skirt! I got a little overmyhead with this project as I had so many other things to do for the holidays but I think it turned out wonderful and my son showed it off proudly at his Christmas Tree Parade this past Tuesday.


  1. OMG this is fantastic,what a beautiful homemade Christmas tree!!! He should be so proud,it looks amazing!!

  2. Just came aross your post on the Cricut message board and just had to visit your blog. What a great idea for this project. I might do something like that next year with my kids so they can have their "own" Christmas trees in their room. (Hopefully I'll remember next December). Great projects on here. I look forward to coming back often.
    Happy New Year.
    Pauline R.


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