Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving the Sanfords! LOL

The first weekend of June was spent moving my brother and his family closer south. Which means they will be closer. Yeah!
Ever heard of moving the Sanford and Son's! lol
My sister-n-law being her sassy self!

My newphew making sure the garage was spotless according to my brother's rule

Bicycles and other gear loaded, Check!
Trailor and Truck #1 loaded, Check!

Trailor and Truck #2 loaded as tall as and an Eighteen wheeler, Check!
Note swing set had to go on top after Two 4door trucks and 2Trailors, 1SuV and 1Car loaded full!
Say bye, bye too old house!
Didn't get a chance yet to get pics of their new home by the time we got to our destination and unloaded everything it was plenty dark!
So stayed tuned I'll get pictures once their all settled and cozy!

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