Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Pet

Welcoming our newest member to the family is Mrs. Valentine Derek's new hamster! Derek has been begging for a hamster for oh probably the last 6 months or longer. My DB gave him a gift card for Valentine's day and Derek decided he would go shopping with it at a pet store, and of course little Mrs. Valentine came home with us in her fun new little cage. I wasn't exactly too fond of the idea at first but I must say she is soooo sweet! I cleaned out her house for the first time today and of course you can see she loves to excercise in her ball. Oh and did I mention I got a new sony digital camera, which I am so loving right now! I got it the same day we got Valentine, I'm much better at taking pics with it now. Some of the first pictures that I took of Derek and Valentine were a little dark, oops operators error!

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